We must live creatively in order to be truly healthy and happy.

Ayurvedic regimens and yoga help keep us in harmony with our

external life-forces. They are the rhythms of creative living and

require a strong effort to establish them in our in-balanced life

style. We must therefore establish the proper rhythms in our lives
to give power to our lives and improve all our faculties.
Come join us in Umbria for a week of Yoga and Ayurvedic
regimens to develop and establish a program for your optimal
The week will consist of twice daily yoga sessions and in between
we will have healthy workshops; cooking and herbal that can be
developed into a self-sustaining self-healing program that you
can do on a daily basis.

What is included:
• 7 nights by Azienda Agraria Caimeli
• 7 days full pension except during the meals off the plantation
• 2x Yoga morning and evening except when we are off the
• 3x Ayurvedic Cooking classes
• 1x horseback riding
• 1x Herbal Walk
• 1x Massage
• Olive Oil , Aceto Balsamico tastings in the evenings

Euro 1150 Euro for double occupancy.
10% for early booking before the 25th of December 2013.
Non-veggie meals also available with a surcharge.
A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required on booking to secure your place.

Subject to availability.

Book at:




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