A luxurious relaxing and rejuvenating week in Umbria
satisfying the pleasures and inspiring the body mind and
the soul. Enjoy the stunning tranquil landscape of Umbria
while participating in the fusion of flowing yoga, spicy
chocolate and soothing music. In the evenings, there will be
wine tastings from the famous regions surrounding Caimeli;
Montefalco, Montalcino, Montepulciano and Cortona paired
with vegetarian meals prepared the classic “Slow Food” style.
The health benefits of the combination of yoga and chocolate
are facts and when you add the combination of the polyphenols
of red wine you have all the ingredients necessary to restore and
rejuvenate your sense of well-being.
Creating a safe space to restore affinity with the body in her
classes, Noeli invites to enjoy intimacy with yourself and the
Kulashakti of the group, to flow with the moment and with
the breath, Pranifying the body-temple of life. Without coming
down from the head to the body there is no re-connection with
the primitive power of the Heart that lays way beyond our
mind controlling thoughts. Liberation is the big maxima in
Yoga, it started with breathing yourself alive in the body level
to a pre –meditation level.
The week will include the following:
7 nights by Azienda Agraria Caimeli
7 days full pension except during the meals off the plantation
2x Yoga morning and evening except when we are off the
1x Trip to the Euro Chocolate Festival
1x Truffle Hunt
1x Chocolate Massage
1x Cooking Course
Wine, Olive Oil , Aceto Balsamico, and Chocolate Tastings in
the evenings
Price: Euro 1295.00 double occupancy. Group size is limited to
12 participants.
Non-veggie meals also available with a surcharge



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